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As a temporary worker you will be paid by the hour on a weekly basis. We’ll usually email you a timesheet however, for your convenience, you can also download one from here. If you’re working within the NHS – please ensure you download the correct version.

It’s your responsibility to complete the timesheet clearly and accurately. Please keep a record of the times you work and make sure you double check that you correctly add up the total in hours and minutes. These details will be confirmed and authorised by your Manager who will sign the timesheet.

At the end of each week you’re responsible for faxing your timesheet back to our office. This should arrive NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON FRIDAY.

If you’re not sure that your faxed timesheet has been received, please call to check.

Payroll is usually run on a Monday (except for Bank Holidays). Your wages will be paid directly into your bank account by the following Friday. We automatically deduct your Tax and NI contributions.

Prior to starting your assignment you will be informed of the usual working hours – so if you are asked to work outside these stated hours please let your Consultant at Plum know beforehand so that we can establish if there are arrangements in place for overtime. 

NHS Timesheet Download

Temporary Worker Timesheet Download

Temporary Worker - Key Information