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How to attract, recruit and retain millennials

Find out how you can successfully

attract, recruit and retain millennials

We’ve all probably seen catchphrases such as 'the war for talent' and 'the skills gap' and like many, you’re probably wondering how much of it is real.

The answer is that unfortunately, the skills gap is very real.

Organisations are increasingly feeling the talent pinch as it continues to be the most significant barrier to growth.

The biggest pool of up and coming talent is the millennials – a group that is frequently targeted however recruitment campaigns often do not reap the success hoped for in attracting the talent sought.

Recruiting millennial employees can be challenging and a different and more tailored approach is required to attract millennial employees. To get it right, it essential to consider the millennial world view – their mindset and how it can help in attracting, hiring and retaining them as employees.

Recent research has shown there are real differences in the attitudes this group of individuals have towards work and careers.

So how can you maximise the return on your recruitment investment? 

The first rule is to ensure your recruitment message is aimed at the people you are seeking to attract.  In marketing terms it’s about understanding and segmenting your target audiences to help ensure every message you send will be more effective.

When hiring people who grew up in the 2000’s you may also wish to consider research on the topic that reveals some useful factors to consider – for example

  • up to 50% of millennials have no plans to stick with an employer for more than 3 years and the idea of a lifetime role is less of a consideration
  • enjoyment of a job is more important than earning more money doing a job that is not fulfilling with nearly two thirds of millennials rating quality of work-life as their key consideration

Statistics are one thing but how does this help you practically? At Plum Personnel we’re advising our clients of the key tactics suggested by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation to help increase the success of recruitment campaigns.

The 3 key messages to our clients are -

Personalise the experience

This is the generation that is used to personalisation for example advertising and shopping experiences that hone in on what they like to buy.

By bringing personalisation into the recruitment process a better connection can be made and massively help improve the applicant’s experience on their recruitment journey.

Highlight the benefits of the company

Money isn’t always the primary motivation for this generation.  It’s so important to use the benefits of the company to gain their interest in a role. Recruiting millennial employees is about that sense of connection.

8 out of 10 millennials cite a company’s sense of purpose, the ethos, the culture as the most important factors when looking for their next role. They want to be proud to tell people who they work for and believe in what the organisation stands for.

Showcase career progression

A massive 87% of millennials say professional development and growth is very important and sixty five per cent say that personal development most influenced their choice of roles.

This means illustrating career development opportunities is vitally important and needs to be reinforced throughout the recruitment process; for example through showcasing ways in which employees can benefit from professional development and progression.

Of course, not all generalisations will apply to all millennials but by looking at what motivates them, marketing roles in a way that is most likely to appeal to them and ensuring they understand what the company offers will help you have a better chance of successfully recruiting millennials.




Posted on Friday Oct 26