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A Plum Update during Covid-19


Firstly, we do hope you and your loved ones have remained safe and well during the Covid-19 period and that you are now able to look forward to the ‘new normal’ with optimism.

Over the past few weeks the glorious weather has somehow made things look brighter - in stark contrast to the constant stream of worrying news we receive.  We know how important it is to keep a positive outlook in these strange times and so do hope that you will appreciate a little update on what’s going on at Plum Towers.  

Let's start off with a couple of celebrations and good news!

  • Firstly we were chuffed to bits to achieve 100% in an external audit for our work with the NHS … for the third year running – a hat trick! 
  • At the beginning of the month we celebrated our 19th birthday … we can’t quite believe how time has flown since we started in 2001!
  • We’ve been pretty busy preparing for the future and dealing with the avalanche of business ‘stuff’ that Covid-19 has generated.
  • As a team we have kept in touch and enjoy a Friday ‘social’. We’re all feeling super-confident with Zoom and have had great fun with quizzes, Blankety Blank and telling jokes … the Mama Mia sing-a-long has been put on hold thankfully

Our work supporting the NHS has continued and we have kept in touch with all of the organisations we work with, as well as those of you who have registered with us. Whilst we have no new roles to talk to you about (yet), we are getting some encouraging feedback on future plans from clients who have recruitment currently ‘on-hold’.

Listening to them and keeping up-to-date with the latest research and trends in the jobs market, there are strong indicators that suggest the temporary market will be the first to ‘bounce back’.  We’ve already seen some of our temporary team returning to work after being furloughed and we have also had offers of jobs and people starting new roles remotely in permanent positions.

All heartening signs of recovery.

For those who have been furloughed or are not working, you many have joined the millions who have been using this time wisely and who have been upskilling. We thought you may also be interested in hearing of some training, professional and self-development courses which could be of interest to you. 

Our first recommendation is to have a peek at our very own ‘Learning Zone’ on this website where you can access free Microsoft Office and here are a few more for you to consider -

  • Our local College and University Centre is doing some fabulous work. Nadia Davies who works in the Employment and Skills Team has 37 fully funded distance learning courses - FREE to anyone aged 19+ who is not already in education!  You can find out more by emailing
  • You may wish to have a look at the website for Go-Train which has some super opportunities – again many are free – and they have a local West Midlands office.
  • If you’ve been furloughed … and have a Linked-In account – you may wish to join our ‘Furlough Support Group’ which we set up for those affected to ensure they were kept updated with the scheme and a place to share experiences.
  • Some of you like our very own Jo Jenkins have been volunteering during the crises.  A great initiative has been set up for people who wish to give their skills whilst on furlough to charities is Furlonteers.  This is a completely non-profit project to connect charities and good causes with skilled and willing people – you may have already seen details of it on the news.

... and finally - many of you already follow us on Facebook where we keep you updated with the latest news including news of our very own ‘Alfie-George’ taking part in the Arrive Alive (our nominated charity) Super Heroes event - here he is in action!


Well, that’s all for now … hope you’ll find of interest and of course – we always love to hear from you – so please don’t ever hesitate to get in touch. 

This only leaves us to wish you a continued safe passage through these uncertain times and the team at Plum Personnel look forward to seeing you t’other side.

Stay safe, be alert and keep well.

Warm regards from the Team at Plum Personnel

Posted on Wednesday May 27