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Meet the team at Plum Towers!


With only 93-days to Christmas and more than 6-months since our Covid-19 journey began - we thought you may like to get to know more about our fabulous team who together are the heartbeat of Plum Personnel.

Our first introduction is to someone who is one of our unsung heroes.


Tracey Howell

Receptionist, Administrator and Payroll Support


Tracey is an important part of the Administration Team … a vital cog in the wheel. If you’re registered us with us you’ll have met Tracey or she’s probably answered the telephone to you when you’ve called the office.

She helps ‘glue’ the team together by providing the support we need to ensure the systems and processes are well-oiled, efficient and effective – and ensures our Temporary Team are paid on time!

Tracey is also an absolute Excel whizz and is never happier than when putting together a spreadsheet. During these past months Tracey has been honing her skills and we can’t wait to see how our lives will change with Pivot Tables and V-Look-ups!

We spent a little time interviewing Tracey to find out more about her … and what makes her tick – and here is the transcript – happy reading!


If you could see any band or singer live - who would it be? 

The Doors, just to see that raw rebellious energy live.

What was your greatest achievement in lockdown?

Learning how to make a sourdough starter (called Trexie – you need to name it so you remember to feed it) to use to make bread in place of yeast and managing to use it to make a sourdough loaf.

What is your best cooking gadget?

My Instant Pot that my husband got me for Christmas last year, it makes the best ever rice pudding.

What is your favourite treat work lunch?

Marks and Spencer’s BLT

Last book you read?

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood, I wanted to reread it before I started on the recent follow up The Testaments

Who is your hero and why?

Florence Nightingale, for improving healthcare

What's your favourite thing about the place where you live?

Having lovely neighbours

What famous person would you invite to dinner?

Sean Lock

What three items would you take to a dessert island?

Toilet paper, chocolate finger biscuits and my complete music collection

Favourite holiday destination and why?

Bournemouth, miles of lovely sandy beaches and lots of places to visit nearby.

Tell us about your experience over the last 6-months?

Lockdown came early for our house as we had to self-isolate 2 weeks before the official lockdown began, as my daughter was unwell and testing was yet to be commonplace. So we started a time of home schooling, working from home, walks around the local area, discovering a wonderful park near our house, baking, crafting and sorting out every inch of the house, video calls, zoom quizzes and all manner of new ways to stay in touch with friends and family and fill the days.

What do you miss most about being back at work?

Missing all my lovely Plum colleagues and contact with all our fabulous candidates and clients, I can’t wait to be back in the office again soon!


... and Tracey ... we can't wait to welcome you back to Plum Towers.  Thank you.


Posted on Wednesday Sep 23