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Discover The Top Jobs For 2016

In 2015 it was revealed that some 5.5m UK employees were so keen to earn more money from a new post that they said they would be willing to exaggerate their current salary by £4,000.

That’s the spirit – nothing quite like lying to a potential boss!

But with earnings in mind, a study later in the year advised Brits to stay in their existing posts, declaring advertised salaries are in “spectacular” decline across the entire country.

However, with 2016 well underway, 41 per cent of people are looking for a change of career, according to Glassdoor which has revealed its second annual round up of Britain’s top jobs and the new list has some significant changes from 2015.

This year’s rundown saw business development manager come out as the number one job in the UK, achieving a job score of 4.3, which is calculated by salaries, opportunities and job openings. In 2015 though, the job role was ranked at number 12.

Elsewhere, the second and third-placed jobs in the UK are finance manager and operations manager with respective salaries of £55,000 and £45,000 – both higher than the £40,000 salary of the top job.

And while marketing manager was named the number one job in 2015, the former favourite job has fallen to number five in 2016. Interestingly, lawyers, mechanical and civil engineers were all out of this year’s top 25 altogether, while the number of tech jobs fell from seven in 2015 to two this year.

Posted on Friday Apr 1