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Brexit - taking stock and looking forward - a local perspect

After a number of challenging years caused by difficult economic conditions, the first 6-months of 2016 indicated that the general outlook in both the UK and particularly in the West Midlands was going strong.

There were signs of a gentle upturn with organisations in the local area reporting their plans for growth and investing in new talent.

Then came Brexit!

As we enter Quarter-3 of 2016, there’s no clarity as to what will happen. The only certainty is that nothing will change in our current relationship with the EU overnight, the world of work will continue and business will still need people to deliver.

Job seekers are continuing to demonstrate a risk-averse approach to seeking out and considering new opportunities and hiring managers are still putting decisions on hold.

There are contrasting reports on what our post EU-future will look like.

A recent survey from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation showed the number of permanent staff hired in June fell for the first time since December 2012 whilst over 150,000 new jobs appeared on a leading on-line jobsite – 8% more than were added during the same period last year.

On a local basis we feel there is a sense of cautious optimism from our clients. 

In true British style it appears that despite dire predictions of what could happen, most organisations are stepping back, surveying the new landscape and having a positive approach to enable UK plc to adapt and move forward.

A dynamic and responsive recruitment industry, a flexible workforce and a robust recruitment strategy for talent attraction and acquisition will be critical to this.

One of the key aspects to attract the best talent is for employers to offer competitive remuneration packages, clear career progression paths and a range of flexible options. These are the vitally important for those organisations who want to be best placed to source the key skills needed for a bright future.

We help recruit for organisations throughout the Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry and Warwickshire areas.

When you are planning how to attract and retain the best talent for your future success, we can help build an efficient recruitment and retention strategy.

As always, the team of recruitment specialists at Plum Personnel welcome the opportunity to discuss and advise as to how we can support your future plans.

Posted on Friday Jul 22