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How to avoid being a victim of job scams

The Best Way to Avoid Job Scams? Use a Reputable Recruiter.

It's a fact - job scams are on the rise!

SAFERjobs (, the non-profit joint law enforcement organisation is campaigning to tackle the growing problem of job scams, have appeared on BBC Radio, regional BBC News programmes, and on BBC1’s Fake Britain on an episode investigating fake jobs.

The fake job covers everything from entry level factory work to six figure salary finance roles, and everything in between.

The other key factor in nearly all job scams is online technology, and where is so much job hunting now done? Online.

A KPMG report highlighted virtual online fraud as a growth area and so much of recruitment relies on online technology, whether social media or online job boards. All of this creates a large target market and multiple opportunities for the fraudster to commit fraud.

Fraudsters use fake jobs for many reasons to gain financial reward by tricking job seekers into parting with cash upfront, to steal people’s personal information such as bank or identity details, to use malware to steal money straight from people’s bank accounts, or using a person’s bank account for ‘clients’ to pay into for the individual to then transfer on, to trick people into unwittingly laundering money.

The growth in fake profiles on LinkedIn has been reported and much of the work of SAFERjobs ( currently is to help people avoid being tricked by the fake profiles.

So job scams exist wherever there is a job seeker and the offer of a job, either within the recruitment industry or completely separate from it. There are some very important reasons, however, that using a reputable recruitment company can actually reduce the likelihood of job scams occurring.  

Plum Personnel is proud to have been approved as an advocate and supporter of 'Safer Jobs' to give our candidates and clients alike complete peace of mind.

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Posted on Monday Jul 9